Office Profile

People build rooms- rooms form people. The design of habitats and premises is the expression of society´s condition. As society coins the shape of its environment, space coins people´s awareness of life. It is our aim, to create rooms that fulfill the needs of their users. The range reaches from and individually designed single furniture, to a complete building renovation or new building. Internal and external, we employ experts from various disciplines: Engineers from construction sector, interior architecture and landscape planning, project engineers for building services, structural engineers and graphic designers. The work as a free architecture office, with no ties to any manufactures or trade, enables us, to be held in trust for our clients. Thus, we can integrate appropriate existing substance, create something new, or join existing and new. The financial wishes and possibilities of the building owners are an essential part of the overall concept. It is a challenge for us, to develop a solution within a certain financial framework.

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